Shrimp cocktail

Fresh Dutch shrimps with cocktail sauce

€ 14,50

Fried Scampi

In spicy garlic cream sauce

€ 13,50

Raw oysters

6 delicious raw oysters

€ 18,75

Gratinated oysters

6 delicious oysters au gratin

€ 18,75

Fresh bread

With spreads

€ 6,25

Lobster soup

Real Zeeuwse lobster soup

€ 9,75

Tomato soup

Italian style with a dash of cream

€ 6,75

Soup of the season

A delicious soup with seasonal ingredients

€ 7,50


With parmesan cheese, pine nuts, capers and truffle mayonnaise

€ 12,50


Salad served with Zeeland bread. Can also be ordered as a meal salad for an additional charge.

Goat Cheese and Zeeuws bacon

Warm goat cheese with honey and Zeeland bacon on a fresh salad

€ 13,50 / € 19,00


A fresh salad with carpaccio, truffle mayonnaise, Parmesan cheese, pine nuts and capers

€ 13,50 / € 18,75

Midden Zeeland

A fresh salad with our smoked ribeye, Dutch shrimps and smoked salmon

€ 13,50 / € 19,50

Goat Cheese

Warm goat cheese with honey on a fresh salad

€ 12,25 / € 17,75

main dishes

All our main dishes are served with matching seasonal vegetables and potato garnish.

Do you want fires and / or salad with it?

Small salad

€ 2,00

Portion of fries with mayonnaise

€ 2,00


The Aviator

200 gr tender turkey saté with home-made atjar and different types of crackers

€ 17,50

Pork tenderloin on skewer

With pepper or mushroom sauce

€ 20,50

Spare ribs

With fries, garlic and chili sauce

€ 20,50

Grilled juicy steak from the “Zeeland” countryside

Freshly prepared sauce of your choice: Pepper sauce Champignon cream sauce, bearnaise sauce or fried mushrooms

€ 20,50


Mussels (if available)

Traditioneel, In Look or spice stir-fried in garlic cream sauce

€ Seizoensprijs

Fish stew

Various types of fish in noilly port sauce, au gratin

€ 23,50


(Only on reservation)

€ 30,00


With lobster sauce and Duth shrimps

€ 21,50

Fried scampi

In slightly spice garlic sauce

€ 19,50

Tuna steak

With caper dressing

€ 22,75


Pasta with fish

Delicious pasta with fish

€ 19,50

Pasta Bolognese

Delicious pasta with bolognese sauce

€ 16,50



With chili con carne and au gratin with cheese (can also be made vegan without cheese)

€ 18,50

For our young Pilots

Half sparerib with fries mayonnaise and apple sauce

€ 10,50

Chicken schnitzel with fries mayonnaise and apple sauce

€ 11,50

Young pilots menu

Choose from one of the children's soups, followed by Frikandel or Croquette with fries, mayonnaise and apple sauce and finally a children's ice cream

€ 13,50

Childern’s soup

Choice of: tomato soup, lobster soup, or soup of the season

€ 3,50

Frikandel with fries mayonnaise and apple sauce

€ 7,50

Croquette with fries mayonnaise and apple sauce

€ 7,50


Our ice cream comes from the dairy farm "de Koehoorn" on Walcheren


Different flavors of sorbet ice cream

€ 8,00

Farmers Yoghurt Ice cream

Strawberry, Forest fruits and Mango

€ 7,75

Zeelandia ice cream trio

Zeeuws Babbelaar, Zeeuws Bolus and Zeeuws Stroopwafel ice cream with whipped cream

€ 8,25

Cheese board

Various types of cheese

€ 10,75

Children’s ice cream

1 scoop of strawberry and 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream with whipped cream and a surprise

.€ 6,25

Dame Blanche

Vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate sauce

€ 7,50

Coupe Strawberries

Vanilla ice cream with delicious strawberries

€ 8,00

Coupe Coconot with Pineapple

Coconot ice cream with pineapple

€ 8,00